Varsity Pool & Snooker Matches

The Varsity Pool match is contested annually between Oxford and Cambridge in Trinity term. No records show when the first Varsity Pool match took place, but apparently the men's title has been contested since the 1970s. The original trophy with records of the earliest matches was mislaid by Cambridge in the period 1997-1998 after they won the title in 1997 for the first time in ten years. Oxford reclaimed the title the following year in 1998, continuing to win it every year until 2006 when Cambridge travelled to Oxford and recorded a 50-40 victory. Cambridge was successfully defended for the title in the following three years, including a 45-45 tied match in 2009. Oxford regained the Varsity Pool title in 2010 with a 49-41 victory.

A Varsity Women's Pool match is also an annual affair, with records dating back until 1991. The Oxford University Women's Pool Team typically dominate and have not lost a Varsity match since 1998.

An inaugural Varsity Snooker match took place at the Cambridge Snooker Centre in May 2003, which Oxford won with a close score-line of 17-15. Despite plans to make the event an annual occurrence, this has been the only Varsity Snooker match to date. However, with snooker now firmly part of Oxford's interests since changing the Club's name to OUPSC (from OUPC) in 2010, the hope is to arrange a Varsity Snooker match this year, and for this to become part of the long-standing annual tradition of Varsity matches between the two universities.

Archive reports for each year can be found in the drop-down menu under the Varsity navigation link.

Varsity Pool Match Varsity Women's Pool Match Varsity Snooker Match 
Overall score Oxford 19 - 7 Cambridge Oxford 17 - 4 Cambridge Oxford 1 - 0 Cambridge
2012Oxford 47-43Tbc-
2011Oxford 48-42Oxford 36-18-
2010 Oxford 49-41 Oxford 32-22 -
2009 Cambridge 45-45 Oxford 37-17 -
2008 Cambridge 47-43 Oxford 35-19 -
2007 Cambridge 52-38 Oxford 39-15 -
2006 Cambridge 50-40 Oxford 36-18 -
2005 Oxford 48-42 Oxford 38-16 -
2004 Oxford 68-22 Oxford 40-14 -
2003 Oxford 47-43 Oxford 33-21 Oxford 17-15
2002 Oxford 63-27 Oxford 33-21 -
2001 Oxford 66-24 Oxford 28-27 -
2000 Oxford 65-25 Oxford -
1999 Cambridge 46-44 Oxford -
1998 Oxford Cambridge -
1997 Cambridge Cambridge -
1996 Oxford Oxford -
1995 Oxford Cambridge -
1994 Oxford Cambridge -
1993 Oxford Oxford -
1992 Oxford Oxford -
1991 Oxford Oxford -

If you can help track down the original Varsity Pool trophy, or provide an insight into the history of the Club, please get in touch with a member of the Committee (see the Committee page).